Raising awareness through adventure - I am prepared to take on this challenge for a great cause!

In the Fall of 2018 about 50 Swedes (and one American J) will travel to the African savanna to run with the Maasai people from Monduli to Serengeti in order to raise money for the Aktivis fund. This fund is dedicated to making the lives of Swedish children with special needs more active and enjoyable. Our goal is to raise roughly $185,000 (1.5 million SEK). This 5-day adventure will bring us together as a group with a common goal of improving the lives and well-being of children. We will run between 10-15 miles each day and camp outside Maasai villages along the way.

This is the 3rd annual fundraising effort to support the Aktivis fund which started in 2015 and has grown from a group of 20 people who climbed Kilimanjaro, the worlds tallest free standing mountain, and raised $85,000 (700K SEK) to this year’s group of 50 people who will run across the African bush to raise $185,000 (1.5million SEK) to support bringing children to life through motion.

This philanthropic project, established by the Aktivis fund, aims to provide disabled teenagers with the the “right” and opportunity to actively participate in sports – just like any other child. One hundred percent of the money raised, without deduction, goes to providing those children who may not have had the same opportunity as others due to their disabilities, the same benefits of an active life in motion.  Your donation provides these children with the opportunity to participate in a weekly sporting event, attend a summer camp and be a part of the “The Swedish Classic” an annual sporting event.

We are talking about a large group of people, that few pay attention to, believe in, or even give a chance. Their bodies may not always cooperate, their thoughts might not always be clear, their mood and behaviors don’t always align with the social norm... but they are an amazing group of individuals that dare to think differently, see the world through different eyes and inspire us to be more open-minded.  Who is it that decides these people are incapable of something, who says they don’t want companionship or are not interested in building a community? The Run is so much more than a charity project - it is a way for us to tell all these teenagers that we see you and are ready to give you a chance!

So please help us help the kids that don’t have it as easy as we do. For more information check out our webpage www.aktivis.se (in Swedish) and follow our adventure on FB: